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Alsamex Products Ltd is the right choice as your supplier of packaging products in the UK. Our packaging team offer the right solutions for your packaging needs. With an impressive history in the manufacture of packaging materials Alsamex has been producing packaging supplies in the UK continuously for more than forty years.

With a reputation for quality and delivering genuinely cost effective packaging solutions, Alsamex is ready to help you with your packaging requirements today.


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The UK's leading Cushioning Systems & Packaging Manufacturer

We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf stocked packaging products as well as offering innovative dedicated bespoke custom packaging solutions & cushion curve drop-testing facility.

We also provide specialised Cushioning & Packaging advice, design & manufacture of packaging products & services including the entire range of our Spacepack protective plastics foam and air cushion systems.

A leading & trusted provider of RoHS and REACH compliant industrial packaging & plastics packaging to a diverse range of industries and markets, including blue chip electronics & instrumentation companies, from light to heavy industry, construction and to packaging suppliers & stockists.

Foam cushioning & plastics foam protection against crush impact, mechanical shock, vibration, electric static discharge, moisture, humidity, static load compression and positive & negative g-force accelerations from drops or falls during transit or storage.

Spacepack foam edge profiles & corner protection provide anti-shock & scratch protection and act as impact shock absorbers for your valuable & sensitive products.

The Right Packaging Solution - Advice & Support

At Alsamex our packaging team is able to advise on many packaging solutions. Often, we can help you and your team to design and develop packaging solutions that save time, money and the environment.

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Environment - Priority Considerations

1. Reduce

Reduce the amount and cost of packaging through design. Alsamex can help.

3. Recycle

The majority of our range of packaging products are also recyclable.

2. Reuse

The majority of our range of packaging products are reusable.

4. Recover

Our products are clean. This leads to easier recovery at end of life.