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Alsamex has a long history of manufacturing high quality packaging materials in the UK. Founded in 1957, we have been in packaging production continuously for more than fifty years, and with good reason — we are known not only for the quality of the products we manufacture, but for our value added services such as our design and engineering expertise, our testing capabilities and our friendly staff.

Our UK manufacturing site based in in Llantrisant South Wales has been supplying a number of industries with packaging materials for more than 40 years and also specialist products for the construction industry (see Alsamex Fall Arrest). The site is ISO9001:2015 registered. In addition we have a distribution site in the South East of England.

At Alsamex, we pride ourselves on our ability to supply 'the complete package', starting from the box to all of the protective contents and the tape. This protects sensitive products and reduces costs by applying an 'efficiency through design' approach in everything we do.

This platform has served us, our customers and their clients well over the years, and extends to our environmental policy, where we implement the 4 R's, ensuring environmental protection.

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Environment - Priority Considerations

1. Reduce

Reduce the amount and cost of packaging through design. Alsamex can help.

3. Recycle

The majority of our range of packaging products are also recyclable.

2. Reuse

The majority of our range of packaging products are reusable.

4. Recover

Our products are clean. This leads to easier recovery at end of life.