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Foam Corner Blocks

Corner protector packaging from Alsamex

Spacepack Foam Corner Blocks
Recyclable & Reusable protective corner blocks

Spacepack round  Foam Corner Blocks from Alsamex are the innovative way to protect many products from damage during shipment and transfer.

Manufactured using closed cell foam, these protective foam corner blocks are a cost-effective, recyclable and a lightweight packaging solution that delivers excellent protection, and can be reused without compromising on quality. 

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Where to use Spacepack packaging Corner Blocks

Corner blocks are the ultimate in easily available and simple to use protective packaging. They are ideal for many cuboid items without having to produce specially designed end caps. Very simple to fit over the corners of a product.

If a range of products need packaging and protected by corner blocks but they are not cuboid then there is also an answer to hand. The items can first be placed in a box which then becomes the inner box and separated by and protected by the corner blocks placed between the inner and outer box. All of these packaging products can be reused.

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The Right Packaging Solution - Advice & Support

At Alsamex our packaging team is able to advise on many packaging solutions. Often, we can help you and your team to design and develop packaging solutions that save time, money and the environment.

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Environment - Priority Considerations

1. Reduce

Reduce the amount and cost of packaging through design. Alsamex can help.

3. Recycle

The majority of our range of packaging products are also recyclable.

2. Reuse

The majority of our range of packaging products are reusable.

4. Recover

Our products are clean. This leads to easier recovery at end of life.