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Foam Edge Protectors

Re-useable edge protection packaging

Spacepack Foam Edge Protectors

Foam Edge Protectors from Alsamex are an effective packaging solution for many products. Manufactured using closed cell foam, the foam edge protectors are a cost-effective, recyclable and lightweight packaging solution that delivers excellent protection.

Our foam edge protectors can be recycled or reused without compromising on quality making them ideal for protecting furniture, electronic equipment as well as medical or scientific equipment.

Available boxed in standard lengths, cut into special sizes or welded to produce frames or foam corner blocks.

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Where to use Foam Profiles/Edge Protectors

Foam Edge Protectors are available in a range of profiles, and are suitable for protecting edges of metal cases or furniture in transit. They are very quick to fit, and easily cut to length for a range of applications.

When mitred to form a rectangular tray with a quick welding process, they can be used as a top and bottom protection tray for a product within a box.

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Corner Edge Protectors

The Right Packaging Solution - Advice & Support

At Alsamex our packaging team is able to advise on many packaging solutions. Often, we can help you and your team to design and develop packaging solutions that save time, money and the environment.

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Environment - Priority Considerations

1. Reduce

Reduce the amount and cost of packaging through design. Alsamex can help.

3. Recycle

The majority of our range of packaging products are also recyclable.

2. Reuse

The majority of our range of packaging products are reusable.

4. Recover

Our products are clean. This leads to easier recovery at end of life.