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G Force Measurements

'G' Force Measurement

Many of our customers in the past have needed Alsamex to protect their products by designing the packaging to a specified level of protection against damaging ‘g’ force. This work has been done for many UK and Multinational companies, and we are still offering that service today.

The normal routine is for Alsamex to visit the customer, take a brief on the performance requirements or give our advice, and then design a packaging solution to meet agreed objectives. A wide range of packaging materials may be considered in the design before a proposal is made. When the customer is satisfied with the proposals an onsite drop test is carried out, usually at the customer’s premises, to verify the performance of the design.

One of the basic aims in this exercise is to keep the overall pack as small as possible, commensurate with the right performance, such that the pack is at an acceptable cost, and further benefits will then be available with freight costs, and environmental concerns.

If you need your products protecting, then contact Alsamex and we will try and help.