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Spacepack Loose Fill Packaging

If you’re not buying Spacepack loose fill packaging you’re probably not getting the best value for money

Spacepack Loose Fill Packaging from Alsamex

Spacepack Loose Fill packaging from Alsamex is the ideal packaging solution for void filling. Our loose fill packaging is cost effective and a well-known solution that can be used in the packaging of many products. In fact we’d go as far as to say that if you’re not buying Spacepack loose fill packaging you’re probably not getting the best value for money!


Spacepack polystyrene loosefill ‘Saver’ size

Save volume, save money.

This new additional size of a 300 litre bag is available for customers who recognise that Spacepack loosefill is less crushable than other brands, and consequently not as much loosefill is needed to do the same job. Potentially an important cost saving in certain applications.

For end users it also has the benefit that a smaller volume can be stored, with replacement stock on a more frequent basis, creating a more ‘just in time’ supply

Strong, Resilient & Versatile

Alsamex Spacepack polystyrene loosefill has been the top quality packaging product in the UK for more than 30 years. Under stress or impact it crushes less than other types of loosefill, and so less product is needed for the same job. It is unaffected by moisture, unlike a lot of loose fill that is currently used in the market. It is reusable because of its strength and resilience, whilst maintaining superb levels of protection. Furthermore, due to its versatility many businesses receiving Spacepack loosefill in your shipments are able to reuse it in their own, and thereby keep the product away from landfill.

Spacepack Loosefill from Alsamex contains recycled materials and when it does finally reach the end of its life (often having been reused) it is recyclable as well! This obvious environmental benefit helps businesses to meet their stringent ‘green’ objectives.

Where to use Spacepack Loosefill Packaging

When multiple products are being packed in a box, and some packaging protection is needed between the products, loosefill may be ideal as it can fill the voids between the products within the packaging. In a pick and pack operation loosefill can be used to great effect when filling the final space between the products and the lid.

Various Spacepack loosefill product lines are available including our new Saver 300L,
as well as our Standard 425L (15ft3)

Loosefill is ideal as a general packaging product to have on stand-by when it is known that protective packaging is needed but the precise sizes needed are not known until the time of packing.

With the right quality of loosefill such as Spacepack Loosefill from Alsamex, the product can also be reused by the person receiving the packaged goods, making it very environment friendly.

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Saver 300L
Standard 425L

The Right Packaging Solution - Advice & Support

At Alsamex our packaging team is able to advise on many packaging solutions. Often, we can help you and your team to design and develop packaging solutions that save time, money and the environment.

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The majority of our range of packaging products are also recyclable.

2. Reuse

The majority of our range of packaging products are reusable.

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